Welcome to My Vote Matters 2010! 🙂

Here, our communal goal, as voting citizens of the Republic of the Philippines, is to ensure that everyone’s vote is a vote not wasted.

And how do we intend to do that?

By making sure that we get to know our candidates first before May 2010 rolls in, we would hopefully be able to make informed decisions when it comes to voting. Unqualified, corrupt, and power-hungry politicians prey on votes from people that are misinformed and unable to see their dark sides. Hence, it is all our responsibility to make sure that we are able to choose our candidates based on their ability to lead and not for other shallow and insignificant reasons.

In this site, you will find a list of the candidates for the national elections, along with links to websites that I found interesting (official, news, informative blogs, editorials, forums etc.) or videos relating to the candidate. I neither own nor am I affiliated with any of the links that I will be posting. I just chose to place them all in one place in hopes that I would help you decide who to vote for. I basically, would leave it up to you to decide.

Quick links:
Vice President

For any suggestions for links, changes, or errors, please don’t hesitate to leave a (non-hateful :D ) comment below. Thanks!


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